CODE  CAT. NO.  YEAR   DATE      AUTHOR            TITLE                                                  SOURCE                                                  OTHER INFO

MPI    MPI 0001    1891    03/06                             Chat of an Artiste                                 Chicago Eve. News

MPI    MPI 0002    1891    03/06                             When asked 'to talk'...                          Chicago Eve. News

MPI    MPI 0003    1891    05/12                             An American Girl, Entertaining Chat With Maud Powell, the Great Violinist    Detroit Free Press

MPI    MPI 0004    1893    Apr                                Like Human Beings, Violins Have Decided Dispositions    Minneapolis Journal

MPI    MPI 0005    1893    07/08                             Mistress of Music                                   The Evening News, Wash., DC

MPI    MPI 0006    1893    09/17                             Music at the Exposition, Miss Powell tells Why the Thomas Concerts were Failures   
                                                                                                                                              The Washington Post

MPI    MPI 0007    1893    11/23                             With Maud Powell                                  Toledo Daily Blade

MPI    MPI 0008    1895    04/10    Sibyl Wilbur      How Musicians Listen                            The Minneapolis Times

MPI    MPI 0009    1896    12/27                             It was my pleasure...                              The Times-Democrat, New Orleans

MPI    MPI 0010    1897    Dec                                Miss Powell, The Foremost Woman Violinist in America    Vanity Fair, MP Scrapbooks Vol. II, 14

MPI    MPI 0011    1898    03/26                              Fiddle and the Fiddler                           New York Times

MPI    MPI 0012    1901    11/09    C. Fred Kenyon    Interview with Miss Maud Powell       Musical Standard, England

MPI    MPI 0013    1904    01/16                             Maud Powell on Her Art and Her Violin         The New York Daily News

MPI    MPI 0014    1904    05/19                              May Music Festival Opens Successfully    Springfield (MA) Union

MPI    MPI 0015    1905    06/03                              Stage and Show, Interview with Miss Powell    The Cape Argus, Cape Town, S. Africa

MPI    MPI 0016    1905    7/                                    Music and Musicians                             The New Age, Johannesburg

MPI    MPI 0017    1905    10/18                              Maud Powell's South African Tour           The Musical Courier

MPI    MPI 0018    1907    12/14                              Maud Powell Champions The West's Taste For Music    Musical America

MPI    MPI 0019    1907    May    Charles F. Peters    Little Glimpses of Famous Musicians    The Bohemian

MPI    MPI 0020    1907    Dec                                 How Maud Powell Feels Tone                 Boston, MA clipping, MP Scrapbooks

MPI    MPI 0021    1907    10/24                              Miss Powell Praises Western Love of Music    The Oregon Daily, Portland

MPI    MPI 0022    1907    10/25    Arthur A. Greene    Maud Powell, A Musician Who Is Natural and Unspoiled    Oregonian (Portland, OR)

MPI    MPI 0023    1907    10/28                             West Appreciates The Best in Music         The Daily Ledger (Tacoma, WA)

MPI    MPI 0024    1907    11/21                             Maud Powell Electrifies Large Audience    Cleveland Evening News (OH)

MPI    MPI 0025    1907    10/08                             Maud Powell Plays As Lady Bountiful         Worcester (MA) Post

MPI    MPI 0026    1907    12/22                             Maud[e] Powell On Musical Clubs              The Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock)

MPI    MPI 0027    1907    12/21                             Passing Show, San Antonio                        Passing Show, San Antonio, TX

MPI    MPI 0028    1907    11/26                             Has Had a Long Tour                                  Baltimore, MD clipping, MP Scrapbooks

MPI    MPI 0029    1907    ?    G. Schlotterbeck    A Violin Finger with Eyes    MP Scrapbooks w/n.d.,n.s.    Also in Butte, MT paper 10/6/1907;
                                                                                                                                                                        and in The States (Columbia, SC), 1/12/1908

MPI    MPI 0030    1907    ?                                   Women Violinists Should Make Beds           Musical Standard

MPI    MPI 0031    1907    10/08                            Maud Powell Will Appear This Evening        The Aurora Daily News (IL)

MPI    MPI 0032    1907    Mar    Gustav Kobbe    The Story of a Famous Violinist                    Good Housekeeping, Music Club

MPI    MPI 0033    1908    01/14                            Maud Powell – A Great Woman                    The State (Columbia, SC)

MPI    MPI 0034    1908    12/26    H. Godfrey Turner    Maud Powell Trio Returns from Tour    Musical America

MPI    MPI 0035    1908    12/26    HG Turner interviewed    Maud Powell Trio Returns from Tour    Musical America
MPI    MPI 0036    1908    12/11                            Maud Powell Says She Likes Arizona            The Arizona Republican (Phoenix)
MPI    MPI 0037    1908    12/07                            Great Violinist Praises Theater                      San Diego, CA; n.d.,n.s. MP Scrapbooks
MPI    MPI 0038    1909    01/19                            Talks of Many Lands and Climes                    Louisville Evening Post
MPI    MPI 0039    1909    01/19                            Enthusiasm, An Asset in Art                           The Times, Louisville
MPI    MPI 0049    1909    Oct                               Women Violinists Should Make Beds              The Violinist
MPI    MPI 0050    1910    02/14                           Maud Powell Is Greater Than Ever                 Tacoma News (WA)
MPI    MPI 0051    1910    05/07                           The Woolly West's Response to Music            Musical America
MPI    MPI 0052    1911    Apr                               Excerpts fr. Audience Held Enraptured By World Violinist    Republican Gazette, Lima, OH; MP Scrapbooks p. 153
MPI    MPI 0053    1911    Jan                               Interviewing Maud Powell                               The Gazette, Houghton, MI
MPI    MPI 0054    1911    04/01    Herbert F. Peyser    Women Are Making Our Musical Wheels Turn, Says Maud Powell    Musical America
MPI    MPI 0055    1912    12/03    Edna Lee Booker    Southland Sunshine is Ideal for Her Art    Los Angeles Tribune
MPI    MPI 0056    1912    11/17                           Woman Violinist's View                                    Denison TX Daily Herald
MPI    MPI 0057    1912    05/26                           Von den Muttern beruhmter kinder                  Morgen Journal, New York    About Mothers of Famous Daughters
MPI    MPI 0058    1912    05/16                            Maud Powell Who Is Now Finishing Tenth Consecutive Season in America Tells of American Composers
                                                                               and Their Works                                               The Musical Leader
MPI    MPI 0059    1912    Apr    Gladys Livingston Olmstead    Maud Powell                             The Lyre of Alpha Chi Omega
MPI    MPI 0060    1912    03/04                           Violinists Shackled Cries Miss Powell               New York Times
MPI    MPI 0061    1913    03/02        TO BE TYPED see notebook                                             Musical America
MPI    MPI 0062    1913    Aug    Gustav Saenger    Maud Powell, An Appreciation                     The Musical Observer, Vol. VIII, No. 4
MPI    MPI 0063    1913    10/21    R.J. Cole             Maud Powell At Home                                 NY Evening Sun
MPI    MPI 0064    1913    12/21    Caryl B. Storrs    Cadenzas                                                    Minneapolis Tribune
MPI    MPI 0065    1913    1/15 or /16    V.W.            Americans Lack The Emotional Abandon That Makes Rag-Time Successful    Oregon Daily Journal, Portland
MPI    MPI 0066    1913    ?                                   The Future of Grand Opera    T                          The Etude
MPI    MPI 0067    1913    03/2?    Herbert F. Peyser    Go West, Young Musician! Maud Powell Advises    Musical America
MPI    MPI 0068    1913    10/21    R.J. Cole          Maud Powell At Home                                        NY Evening Sun
MPI    MPI 0069    1914    09/16                             Maud Powell Interviewed                                     Musical Courier
MPI    MPI 0070    1915    10/16    Herbert F. Peyser    Using Program Notes For Violin Recitals    Musical America
MPI    MPI 0071    1915    12/07                            Regarding Opera in English                                 Pacific Commercial Advertiser
MPI    MPI 0072    1915    12/07                            Excerpt re. Opera in English; children anecdote    Pacific Commercial Advertiser
MPI    MPI 0073    1915    Aug    Ernest John       An Original Interview with Maud Powell                  The Music Lover, Vol. I, No. 4
MPI    MPI 0074    1915    Feb    W.G.Byrne        Violinist's Hubby Loses Clothes; Eats in Overcoat    Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Texas
MPI    MPI 0075    1916    11/18                           Believes Our High School Auditoriums Are Best Suited for Concert Purposes    Musical America
MPI    MPI 0076    1916    04/29                          Unfolding New Beauties of the Time-Honored DeBeriot Concerto    Musical America
MPI    MPI 0077    1917    12/22                          What the War Showed Maud Powell                        Woman's Citizen
MPI    MPI 0078    1918    Sept                           Play for the Soldiers Without Lowering Your Ideals            ?
MPI    MPI 0079    1918    09/07    Sadie V. Perlman    Play for Soldiers as 'One Human Being to Another,' Says Maud Powell    Musical America
MPI    MPI 0080    1918    08/18    Sadie V. Perlman    High-Brow Stuff Has No Terrors for Soldier    The Cleveland Plain Dealer
MPI    MPI 0081    1918    04/18                         Please the Public Without Lowering Your Ideals        Musical Courier
MPI    MPI 0082    1919    05/10                         Maud Powell Convinced America is Striding Ahead in Musical Appreciation    Musical America
MPI    MPI 0083    1919                 Frederick H. Martens    Maud Powell – Technical Difficulties: Some Hints for the Concert Player   
                                                                                                                                                              Violin Mastery, NY: Frederick A. Stokes Co.
MPI    MPI 0084    ?    ?                R. Frederick Grover    How To Memorizing                                        The Violinist
MPI    MPI 0085    ?    ?               Godfrey Turner    A Mere Man's Views                                                   ?
MPI    MPI 0086    1908?    ?                                   Solving the Missed Lesson Problem                        The Etude
MPI    MPI 0087    1909?             R. Frederick Grover    How To memorizing                                          The Violinist
MPI    MPI 0088    1910?    ?                                   The Violin and the Talking Machine                          Musical America, reprint
MPI    MPI 0089    1912?    n.d.    Rosa Sprunt       Ein Interview mit Frau Maud Powell                         Morgen Journal, New York
MPI    MPI 0090    1916?    n.d.                               America is in Need of More Amateur Musicians       Musical America?
MPI    MPI 0091    n.d.    n.d.                                   An American Artist's Ideals                                        MP Scrapbooks

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